Our first generation graduates are flying away

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We would like to congratulate Alba and Nikos, our precious first generation Masters students, for passing their exams!!!

Having gone through rigorous hours in the lab, repeating experiments and giving many project presentations, they still had time to attend their Graduation ceremony held at the Royal Albert Hall, London (4/05/2016). We were never really happy about their lab work but then again we never choose our students so we had to make do with what we had!!!!! Incredible…

Joking aside, guys, we are really proud of you. You did an amazing job in the lab and, as you can see, you have been rewarded with excellent results.  We are proud of you both for having obtained prestigious Ph.D fellowships; at least we can have peace of mind to think that we taught you a few good things here and there and didn’t scare you too much! However, it is now time to work ‘properly’ and behave!

Best of luck for the future and congratulations once again! Keep it up!

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